How to Reach Your Ideal Audience: Young and Old

Fast, easy, and reliable information is the crux of a
successful search directory, and according to a recent study by CRM & Associates, the
phone book is not as antiquated as some may think.

"The survey showed that 76 percent of adult Americans continue to use
the phone book, and of those that use the Yellow Pages to look up a
business, 85 percent make a purchase," said Tom Spurgeon, marketing
director for Names and Numbers.

The additions of searchable websites, as well as a mobile app, help extend the
company's reach even further for young people and those who prefer newer
technology for local Yellow Page information.

Whether it is in the form of print Yellow Pages or higher technology, Names and
Numbersstrives to provide accurate and complete information in an easy-search

A personal approach and the ability to adapt with the needs of the community
has helped make Names and Numbers a successful directory for almost 40

"Other directories may use incomplete information from an
out-of-state phone service, while Names and Numbers uses local sources for a
more complete and accurate phone book," Spurgeon said.

When Names and Numbers expands to new markets, new product development
director Rich Forster visits the area and conducts a market study to
determine how to best mold to and serve the area.

"We use our experience to do a subjective analysis of the
statistics," Forster said. "We conduct personal interviews with a lot of businesses
to essentially help solve the marketing problems of the area."

For example, while visiting this area, Forster recognized that there was a lot
of interaction between the different communities. Thus, "we
chose to do one book for Northwest Arkansas. We felt it was more
convenient," he said.

In addition to providing communities with an accurate and thorough
directory, Names and Numbers also provides online and mobile marketing platforms
for local business information.

More information is available online at or by calling the
Northwest Arkansas office at (479) 464-4568.

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