3 Minor Auto Service Checks You Can Do | Bentonville AR

There are a few minor details about auto maintenance that we can do ourselves but we often forget to do them only to suffer disastrous results such as a hefty repair bill.  Here are three minor auto services that must be done and are actually easy and quick to do; no mechanic necessary!

Check the oil.  While this might seem quite obvious, many car owners have no idea that they are supposed to check the vehicle's oil levels every once in a while.  They also don't know that oil is essential for the car's engine to function properly.  Pop the hood open, find the oil reservoir, open it, and wipe off the dipstick before putting it in to measure the level.  If the oil is below the mark on the stick after you dip it in, you'll need to add more.  You'll also need to change your car's oil at least once every six months; this is because dirty oil will damage your engine just as badly as a lack of oil.  Many establishments will change the oil for you at a reasonable price.

Check the water.  In most vehicles, water acts as a coolant for the radiator.  If the water runs out, your car will overheat and break down; this is why maintaining the water levels is so important.  If your car's engine is cool while you're checking the oil, take the time to have a quick look at the water level, and top it up if necessary.

Check the tire pressure.  This incredibly minor procedure, which only needs to be done once a month, will not only avoid costly repair bills and tire replacement bills; it will increase your car's fuel efficiency dramatically, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars a year.  Correct tire pressure prevents uneven wear on the treads and also keeps your wheels in alignment longer.  Your car's owner manual will inform you what the correct tire pressure is.

If you don't know how to do the above checks, don't panic; simply go to a full-service gas station and the attendant will be able to check everything for you (except change the oil which requires a mechanic).  Looking for an auto repair shop or auto service shop in Bentonville AR? Search our entire directory for a reputable list of businesses.

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