Choosing the Right Accountant or CPA in Bentonville AR

Choosing the right accountant is very important to your financial wellbeing. Your accountant manages all of your business or personal finances. With this in mind, where do you start? What are the most important things for you to look for? Here's the best three tips on finding the right personal accountant or CPA in Bentonville AR for you:

1. Research different candidates in your area.
No matter what your needs- deeds and wills, or simple tax preparation- you need an accountant with experience in those areas. What are their qualifications? How long have they been in the business? What specific certifications do they hold? This is also key to know in case other needs arise as your finances change. You can also go to the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) and research your accountant by state to make sure that they are registered.

2. Check their references. Any reputable accountant will provide you with a list of references. Be sure to contact these people and ask any questions or concerns. Ask friends, family, and coworkers who they use and recommend. Word of mouth can be just as useful as online reviews. Always look for reviews online to get a great broad spectrum view of how your accountant candidate operates their business. The Better Business Bureau can be a very helpful resource for reviews.

3. Trust your gut. Your accountant and you will be working together extensively for years. You want to be rest assured that your finances are in good trustworthy hands. You want to chose someone that you can trust as well as someone who operates the same way you do. If you prefer meeting face to face, make sure that your candidate has the time and willingness to do the same. If you prefer an accountant who operates best remotely - email, phone, and fax - make sure they are comfortable working that way too.

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