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Accurate retail data has many benefits if you own a retail shop. Retail data can be used to dig deeper into your customers buying habits and help you discover observable marketplace facts. Shiloh Technologies in Bentonville AR provides Retail Data that helps retail businesses consolidate redundant systems, provides valuable insights and tools designed to maximize margins.

About Shiloh Technologies
Shiloh Technologies is headquartered within a couple of miles of Bentonville's largest employer, Walmart. They have been named "Best in Class" for the 6th consecutive year according to the readers fo Consumer Goods Technology. Service is their highest priority. They have worked with many retailers and retail suppliers for over 18 years.

Benefits of Using Shiloh Technologies
One View
See one view of your retail business - leveraging best practices and insights across multiple retailers.

Real Insights
Bring global insights and recommendations to your customers that are fact-based and comprehensive.  Improve in-stock analytics while exposing root causes of forecast variances.

Timely Power
Daily visibility of sales, shipments, orders, margins, and more.  Understand trends and promotion impact.  Improve compliance efforts with retailer initiatives and more.

Bottom-line Results
Eliminate redundant analytic tools and reduce support costs with Shiloh's multi-role / multi-retailer reporting capabilities.  It's one tool for every team.

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