Bringing the World to You

The World Trade Center Arkansas (WTC AR) fulfills its mission of connecting Arkansas

to the world by educating students in global commerce and by providing international trade
services to individuals and companies.

The WTC AR brings businesses and governmental agencies involved in foreign trade together to
further the economic outlook for the state and to facilitate bilateral trade.

International business can be beneficial for many reasons. These include increased sales and
profits, reduced dependence on existing markets, and extending products'
lifecycle. Expanding into the global market helps to stabilize seasonal market
fluctuations, enables expansion of businesses, and allows a business to remain
competitive in the domestic market.

The global market consists of 6.7 billion consumers, 96% of whom live outside of the United
States. Today, international trade accounts for more than 25% of the U.S.
economic growth.

The World Trade Center Arkansas can provide you and your company with specialized business
analysis and guidance with one-on-one consultations.  They
will help you develop markets in the global community and will offer access to
customized international research.

The World Trade Center Arkansas challenges you to expand your boundaries and open your business
to the possibilities and opportunities found in the global community, and work
to enrich your local community. You can do it, and we can help.

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