See This Groundbreaking Advancement in Action Today!

The biggest breakthrough in tile and grout cleaning history
is here and we've brought it to the Tryon area!

Topnotch Hard Surface Cleaning is a hard surface cleaning
company that specializes in commercial and residential tile and grout cleaning
and restoration. We also clean and restore carpet, natural stone, concrete,
brick, marble and granite.

 "Mildew, grime, mold,
food soil, and even bacteria are your tile and grout's biggest enemies" says
Terence Green with Topnotch Hard Surface Cleaning. According to Green the
biggest challenge one can face is trying to hand mop or scrub grout lines and
tile clean. The reality though is that mopping only moves dirt into the grout, discoloring
and staining the tile and grout, not having the desired result of effectively lifting
the impacted soil. However, there is now a better way!

Our patented technology cleans 10 times faster and 10 time
easier than traditional cleaning methods. This technology ultimately is
revolutionizing the hard surface cleaning industry.

How does it work? The system uses four components that work together perfectly. Emulsifier, vacuum, heat, and contained pressure surgically remove the soil impacted into the porous parts of the grout!

If you have installed expensive hard flooring and you're
frustrated because it no longer looks as it did when it was first installed,
then call Topnotch Hard Surface Cleaning for a demonstration. You need to see
it to believe it!

For a limited time Topnotch Hard Surface Cleaning is
offering a complementary demonstration of this breakthrough cleaning system in

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