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How to Help Your Local Animal Shelter

Since 1985, the Bella Vista Animal Shelter, Inc. has provided loving care to homeless cats and dogs. Managed by an elected volunteer board, the non-profit shelter has a very high adoption rate and a low euthanasia rate. Located at 32 Bella Vista Way, Bella Vista, AR. the shelter relies on memberships, fundraisers and donations to fund daily operations. Volunteers are always welcome at the s...More

How to Transform You and Your Life

At General Physical Preparedness (GPP) we encourage not only transformation of your body, but of your life as well. Here you will learn to apply our unique principles and methods in order to improve every aspect of your life. We focus on how to transform you into an even better version of yourself. Through physical training we are able to prepare individuals for the downfalls in life, but ...More

How to Reach Your Ideal Audience: Young and Old

Fast, easy, and reliable information is the crux of a successful search directory, and according to a recent study by CRM & Associates, the phone book is not as antiquated as some may think. "The survey showed that 76 percent of adult Americans continue to use the phone book, and of those that use the Yellow Pages to look up a business, 85 percent make a purchase," said T...More